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Benjamin Herzog
B.Sc. Biophysics
M.Sc. Mol. Life Science


Since ancient times, human being uses the biotechnological processes for the production of wine, beer, bread and Cheese. He benefited from the fabulous properties of Microorganisms such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker's yeast) or Lactobacillus bulgaricus (lactic acid bacteria) without knowing anything about these Microorganisms. Around the globe biotechnology is an innovative field that is gaining more and more importance.


Enzymes are valuable tools in Biotechnology. We encounter them every day: they are embedded in washing and cleaning agents, in toothpaste, shampoos and also in many foods. They are necessary for the production and processing of many products, such as paper, textiles, leather, and meanwhile also in the production of biofuels. The advances in biotechnology, genetics and molecular biology have expanded the uses of enzymes significantly.


The principle of Biorefineries is comparable to that of an oil refinery rather than Biomass is separated into individual fractions or components. Biorefineries mainly replace oil as a major raw material for the chemical industry. In addition there are a multiplicity of different chemical compounds in the Biomass, meaning new application possibilities.
The biorefinery concept with a holistic and quality use of biomass is currently still in development. But in parts this concept is already implemented, such as the production of sugar, Ethanol and Biodiesel, where it is also tried to use by-products or co-products. Until now however, not all components of plants for Biofuel production are used for the chemical industry. For example, materials such as lignin and other components of plant cell walls disturb the the fermentation process and need to be previously digested by the addition of catalyzing enzymes.


Biologicals are substances produced by modern biotechnology with high technological complexity and development methods. They should intervene specifically in processes of the body.
Proteins are produced (including monoclonal antibodies) and nucleic acids (DNA, RNA such as antisense RNA and antisense oligonucleotides). These pharmaceutics can be used in diagnosis but also for the therapy, such as Cancer healing.
The preparation may in principle done by means of animal or vegetable organisms. Biologics, recombinant microorganisms (eg Escherichia coli or yeast), mammalian cell lines, as well as of plants (Plant Tissue Culture) produced in bioreactors are. If they complete using genetically modified crops are produced (Plant Biotechnology) referred they are as pharmaceutical plants.


Patents on inventions are granted, if they are new, involve an inventive step and are industrial applicable. The patentee obtains the right to use it and to ban other persons and companies or to allow a license fee.
Patents in the field of biotechnology are called "Biopatents". Specifically, thesse are patents for vaccines, diagnostics or even in areas that touch plants and animals.


are bioengineered, protein-based Drugs that after the patents expiry of an original active substance on.

new technologies for energy gaining:

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